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WANTED:  Sailors, adventurers, freedivers, mermaids, photographers.


Cabins are $8k (1 or 2 people)


8 days / 7 nights

Oct 21st - 28th

The Exumas are some of the best sailing in the world.

Swim with the resident nurse sharks, snorkel Pablo Escobar’s sunken drug plane. Meet the friendly swimming pigs and feed the Bahamian Rock Iguanas. Cliff jump into the beautiful Thunderball Grotto and check out the millions of fish in the Exumas Land and Sea Park. If you’re adventurous, use the Hawaiian sling to catch some lobster and grill it for dinner.

Day 1 Exumas.jpeg

Day 1

Fly into Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) in Nassau, Bahamas. Taxi to the marina. Spend the day at Palm Cay Resort. Final shopping & provisioning. Meet up with the rest of the crew for dinner and a pre-departure briefing.  

Spend the night on the catamaran in the marina.

Day 2.jpeg

Day 2

We cast off from Palm Cay Marina at 7am aboard a 54-foot sailing catamaran, making the 28 nautical mile journey from New Providence to the Northern Exumas.  

Our first destination is Leaf Cay where we meet the Bahamian Rock Iguanas. It’s one of the few places where you can still find these fearsome looking, yet gentle creatures.

We’ll spend the night at anchor in a calm bay.

Day 3.jpeg

Day 3

After breakfast, we set sail for Highbourne Cay and swim with the resident Nurse and Reef Sharks.

In the afternoon, we continue onward to Norman’s Cay, former headquarters of the Medellin Cartel’s drug-smuggling operation. Just south of the cay is a sunken drug plane that was once once used by Pablo Escobar to smuggle drugs to the USA. It’s now full of marine life that we will explore until sunset.

Day 4.jpeg

Day 4

Sail 20 nautical miles to Warderick Well’s Cay. Home to large schools of fish. Spotted Eagle Rays and other marine animals also call these shallow waters home. We will use the day to explore the coral reefs and to make some new aquatic friends.

It's common to see wild turtles, stingrays, reef sharks, nurse sharks, barracudas, and schools of colourful tropical fish.

Day 5.jpeg

Day 5

After breakfast, explore the Exumas Land & Sea Park. Optional hike. For those daring souls, we will visit Danger Reef to swim with Caribbean Reef Sharks.

In the afternoon, We’ll stop at Compass Cay - this place is teeming with nurse sharks. Swim with these inquisitive creatures and feed them some fish.


Next up is Rachel’s Bubble Bath - a natural whirlpool.

Day 6.jpeg

Day 6

Another sailing journey of 15 nautical miles will bring us to Big Major Spot - Home to the famous swimming pigs. Bring some food for the little piggies and they’ll swim right up to the boat to say hello!

Day 7.jpeg

Day 7

One of the Exumas hidden gems is Thunderball Grotto. James Bond filmed Thunderball here. It’s a magical aquatic paradise with thousands of tropical fish, light rays and a dream for underwater photography. We’ll swim in at low tide and watch the light bouncing off the walls.

Day 8.jpeg

Day 8

Our final day. At first light, we will sail back to the marina. Plan to book your return flights home from Nassau that afternoon.

Arrival & Departure

Plan to arrive at Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) before 4pm on Day 1. Your departure flight should be after 12pm on Day 8.

Palm Cay Marina.png


Getting there.jpeg

Fly into Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas (NAS) anytime before 3pm on Day 1.

After arriving in Nassau, take a taxi to Palm Cay Marina. We’ll be waiting for you at the marina beach club.

Tiny Details

Upon arrival in Nassau, we will shop for groceries and provision the catamaran for the week. All meals will be aboard the boat as there are no restaurants in the Northern Exumas.

Catamaran charter, Day Pass to Palm Cay Resort, One-Way Fee, Insurance, Port & Charter Taxes, Damage Waiver, Cleaning, Linens, Bahamas Cruising Permit, Fishing Permit, Bahamian Eco-Tax, Hawaiian Sling, Mask, Fins & Snorkel.

Airfare, hotels on your way to and from



July Day and Night Temperature for the Bahamas.jpeg

The superb weather in Bahamas in July sees an average daytime high temperature of 90°F. The moderate ocean breeze will help to keep you fresh. At night, the temperature will fall to around 77°F. The humidity and the UV levels are high, so use plenty of sunblock and carry water when you’re out in the daytime sun. Showers are expected across 15 wet-weather days around the Bahamas in July. You’ll want to make the most of the sunshine in the tropical Atlantic climate. There’ll be about eight hours each day, on average, and the sun doesn’t set until nearly 7pm. The water temperature will be an incredible 28°C.

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